Welcome to the Eden Valley Railway
The Eden Valley Railway Trust is working towards restoration of the railway line between Warcop and Appleby-in-Westmorland. We are based at Warcop Station and our current running line is approximately 2.2 miles in length, terminating at Southfields. Please note that there is no public access or station at Southfields, all our facilities being at Warcop. 
Our additional midweek running days start this week. We are open each Tuesday and Wednesday until the end of August, with extra days on the last full week in August. More details on the timetable and fares page. Please note that the advertised driver experience is not available, but we are offering, when volunteer numbers allow, a driver for a fiver using our newly restored John Fowler diesel shunter. It is unlikely that Driver for a Fiver will be available on the midweek running days

More details about the railway and how to find us at Warcop can be found by navigating the menus at the top of the page. This rebuild of the website is not yet complete so a few of the links might not work. It should be finished soon.
The railway has a Facebook page, Eden Valley Railway, and we are also on Twitter, @evrcumbria.
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